A message to Parents!

Dear Parents,

    I have started this page so you can give feedback on things that go on in our classroom.  You can put in a comment to let me know how you feel about any topic.  For example, if you feel your child is having trouble with the language skill, let me know so I can do more practice and reteaching!  If you would like something to change or are having trouble with an aspect of the classrooms procedures, rules, lessons, homework etc. let me know! And of course, if you would just like to put in a friendly word or have a question on a topic, here’s the place to share!  Some of the other parents may feel the same way or have the same or similiar question!  I hope the year is progressing for most of you. This is an interesting mix of children and we are all trying to make things the most positive they can be!

Mrs. Olivia

Hello Teachers


  I have decided to put this blog together to share with you the new things and old things we are doing in technology.  Instead of e-mailing you everytime something cool comes up, I have created this place to allow you to see what we are doing and to check out the next day the Tech Coaches have a day to work in the schools with you.  Our next day is November 14th. So, if you need to get a lesson together to teach let me know! 

     Just food for thought, true technology integration is the use of technology during regular teaching times of the day, NOT just for a project or “play” time on the computers for your students.  In further blogs, I will be showcasing different ways for you to use the technology you have been given in EVERYDAY lesson cycles!  If you have any ideas too, please post and make a comment to share or ask a question.  IF you  are unsure how to use the blogging I would love to show you! Of course, I will still respond to emails and a chat in the hall!!